Oxo-Biodegradable Earth Caps


We all need to be conscious of the environment and the effect of our daily lives on the earth. 


The Oxo-Biodegradable Earth Cap utilizes the latest technology to minimize the effect of bottled water caps on the environment.

Our cap is 100% Virgin LDPE and our customized PE additive makes our cap is the only one to be oxo-biodegradable.

Standard colors are Blue, Earth-green, Natural, Aqua, Yellow, Red and Pink. We can also customize colors to meet your application.

Go Green – Earth-Cap.
* Earth Smart - Degrades in 5 to 10 years, while other caps can take hundreds of years to degrade.
* Eco-Safe – Decomposes to a natural earth-friendly state.
* Environmentally-Smart – Fully recyclable.

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How it Works – 

Degradation of the 

Norland Earth-Cap

The formulation used in the Norland Earth-Cap, contains
a proprietary mixture of:

• a pro-oxidant
• a photo-initiated initial degradation inhibition element
• a secondary bio-degradation initiator.

This unique formulation has been developed to give the plastic
cap, an in-house storage shelf life of approximately 24 months.
There is a further “dwell time”, of around 6 months after
disposal. This is followed by a rapid breakdown of polymer
properties resulting in acute embrittlement, after 36 months
from disposal. The three stages of the cap breakdown are
classified as follows:

1. Embrittlement - After the cap is used, and then
disposed, the embrittlement process begins. This
embrittlement is activated primarily by sunlight,
and/or heat generated within a landfill. The
embrittlement process is similar visually to that of
a shattered windshield-where the plastic cap begins
fragmenting into small pieces. Scientifically, the
molecular weight of the polymer chain has been
reduced, thus increasing the microbial accessibility,
and eventual bio-digestion. 

2. Micro-fragmentation – this is the further
fragmentation of the embrittlement stage into
smaller fragments, which then begins the
bio-digestion. This micro-fragmentation of
the polymer chain promotes the growth of
microbial colonies to expedite the

3. Bio-digestion – Is the consumption of
the micro-fragmentation pieces, by the microbial colonies, resulting in the Earth-Cap being ultimately consumed.

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