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Environmentally Friendly

Norland Green's unique oxo-biodegradable material is 100% virgin LDPE and their customized PE additive makes the cap the only one in the world to be oxo-biodegradable. The caps degrade naturally in five to 10 years into a natural, earth-friendly state. However, if you don't want to wait, the caps and pre-forms are also 100% recyclable. 

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Speedy Delivery/ No Minimum!

Most orders ship in one day! Depending on when the order is placed, it could even ship the SAME DAY! Additionally, there is no minimum amount to order. Now that's service!

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We cover everything!

Whether you are looking for 3&5 gallon water bottle caps, keg caps, or bottle preforms, Norland Green has you covered. All are oxo-biodegradable, so be earth friendly whatever business you're in!


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  • Pre-Forms

Why Choose Us


Norland's Earth-Caps are rugged and durable, but also oxo-biodegradable; meaning they are designed to decompose naturally in 5-10 years.


Not only do Earth-Caps come in a variety of colors, but Norland can also affix custom seals with your business name to the top of the caps.

Oxo-Biodegradable Preforms

You can also purchase oxo-biodegradable preforms so your bottles will also be rugged, yet decompose naturally in 5-10 years.


I went with Norland because they understand the water business and they know start-up businesses like mine in small towns didn't need the large equipment that other companies had to offer.

Warren Lindley CEO

Norland is great! We needed special modifications to meet Japanese requirements and they always take care of our needs. We can highly recommend them without hesitation.

Y. Takahasi CEO

Ultimately we decided to go with Norland because we wanted to align ourselves with a company that had been in the industry a long time and had a proven record. Good equipment is important but the people who stand behind it are of greater importance to us.

Harold Grall CEO